Location: Middenbeemster

Group home for psychogeriatric elderly

For Zorgcirkel Waterland in an existing building we designed a group home with services for nine residents, two apartments for short-term care and a multipurpose room. Much attention has been paid to the location, shape, color and materials for the various areas, especially the hallways and living room. The hallway is spacious with offsets, curves, narrowing and widening. The corridor provides residents freedom of movement. The spacious living room is adjacent to a private patio where residents can go outside without getting lost. The space can be divided by a mobile partition into two parts so that there can take place different activities at the same time. Besides a number of spacious bathrooms, there is also a 'cuddle' realized, an area where residents are pleasant sensory stimulated by light and sound.
Next to each bedroom door is a light fixture incorporated into the wall. To make the indoor hall as light as possible, the floor is covered with a white linoleum. The offsets makes the hallway lively. The teak doors and walls provide warm accents.

The new group home encloses together with two previously realized group homes an enclosed patio. Residents of group homes can hassle out without leaving the group home

Wide doors with large glass openings provide access to the living room. Between the living room and hallway narrow glass strips provide daylight and rhythm in the hallway.

The entrance of the group home. Curves in the corridor walls make the room bigger and the movements more natural.