49 houses


Location: Beverwijk

83 Sale and rental apartments, a group home for RIBW (Regional Institute for sheltered housing), common meeting and office space fot the RIBW, primary school with nursery and parking.

The Laan der Nederlanden is characterized on the north side by housing of the 60 and 70 of two layers with a hood. In some places there is a location with a special building. For this location, where used to be a Roman Catholic church and a public elementary, is made a design for a multipurpose building with 85 apartments, a parking garage for 74 cars, commercial space of approximately 300 m2 and a primary school with nursery of about 1700 m2.

The basis of the design is a closed block. By varying in height, making holes in the block and using different materials the building responds on the environment and reflects the various functions. There is a sculpture created with a rich diversity of functions and spatial and tactile experiences. Within the closed block is a common area. This space has a different character from the outside of the building. The school and the commercial space are clearly recognizableby the different material and color application.

The apartments offer a variety of rental and owner-occupied housings. There are small two-room apartments, large penthouses, various types of maisonettes and gallery opened three room apartments. In the building is also a group home of the Regional Institute for sheltered housing realized.


The facades on the outside of the block are made of polyester concrete. The composition and color of the elements is specially developed for this project. In a mold with a profile mat there is by hand paint applied with two different colors. Thereonn is applied a mass-colored polyester concrete. The hand applied colors ensure a rich hue in the elements which differs per panel.

The facades of the school and the meeting room of the Regional Institute for sheltered housing are performed in rabbat wood, with powerful colors yellow (for school) and blue (for RIBW).

The facades of the courtyard are covered with polycarbonate. The inside of this multilayer plastic material is performed in four different colors giving the facade a hint of color.


The school is divided into three zones. In the middle of the corridor is a large open space (the auditorium). This space can be used for many different purposes. In the corridor are half sunken areas where the cloakrooms and toilets are housed. On the outside are the classrooms, all with a facade made entirely of a wooden frame with glass. In the classrooms are mezzanine floors realized. These are above the half-sunken cloakroom and toilet areas. On the inside are the facility areas such as offices, staff room, and concierge.