Social housing Gleisdorf


Location: Aerdenhout

Gleisdorf has, as most old city's, public urban areas, which form a sequence. These areas exist of large and small squares and open spaces, and connections of different size (the roads, allies, paths etc.). In Gleisdorf the most important urban spaces are the 'hauptplatz' round the church, florianplatz at the city hall and the former monastery garden. The plot of the contest is situated at the northeast side of the former monastery garden, along the Rathhausgasse. With our project we want to add a public urban area at the main sequence of public rooms in the city. This new public square forms a connection between the former monastery garden and the alois-grogger-gasse.

The apparently simple structure of strips together with the urban square underneath create a variety of public, collective and private spaces which invite people to explore and gives lots of opportunities for social contact throughout the daytime and during the year.