traditional beauty


Location: Heerenwaarde
Size house: 230 m2
lot size: 4.195 m2

At the Kop te Heerewaarden two old dike houses are merged into one home. The house is on the summer dike and at extremely high water the property is filled with about 70 cm water. To solve this problem, the owner decided to replace the existing house with a new dike house.

The newly built dike villa will have a waterproof base that is approximately 30 cm above the highest recorded water level. At the lowest level, below the dam, there are a number of bedrooms with a bathroom. The bedrooms are adjacent to a patio that has walls that are also at the level of the waterproof base. From this level you have a wonderful view over the river. Above the level of the waterproof base is the living room with kitchen. The kitchen has a large window with a panoramic view of the river. The living room, a high space where the roof cap is visible, four large bay windows allowing plenty of light pouring in and offering a magnificent view of the floodplain. On the floor is a room that can serve as office or master bedroom. Two large sliding doors give access to two balconies and have again a view of the river and the floodplains.

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