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Dune house

The owners of a house in the dunes wanted an outbuilding on the site, used as a workspace and guest room, to be made entirely sustainable. A small part of this house is more than 400 years old, the rest was built in the 90s. This is done in a not too good way from a structural and physical point of view. The cottage was poorly insulated and not windproof. The indoor climate was therefore not good.

The old part consists of brick masonry, on the inside it was boarded with plasterboard. The paneling has been removed and replaced with 12 cm of high-quality insulation and new plasterboards that are tiled or covered with solid bamboo plates.

The facades of the part from the 90s are stripped apart from the style and framework and provided with high-quality insulation, a vapor-proof foil on the inside and a pavotex insulating vapor-open, water-repellent plate on the outside. A ventilating wooden fa├žade covering is attached to this. On the inside an extra layer of approximately 40 mm style and framework has been applied with a finish of solid bamboo plates. This layer is used for piping and installation boxes for the electrical installation. The roof of the house is equipped with 12 cm high-quality insulation on the outside, the existing tiles have been re-used. The inside of the hood is also covered with bamboo.

All window frames have been replaced by new frames made from environmentally friendly Accoya wood, with triple glass, insulated composite door sills under doors and with parapets of insulated flat tricoya panels.

The cottage has received a floor heating system from Warp. An environmentally friendly Senso screed floor is laid over this, a floor consisting of vegetable oil, natural quartz and pigments. One of the tiled walls of the compact bathroom has the same heating system from Warp.

The cottage is also equipped with balanced ventilation with heat recovery. And all the lighting that is used is of course LED lighting.

Finally, a special, compact staircase with cupboard space to the mezzanine floor has also been made, as well as various cupboards and a kitchen unit, all made from environmentally friendly solid bamboo wood.

Location: Overveen